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Grunge Geometric Textures Vol. 1

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A collection of 250 patterns inspired by the rough grunge look but still being geometric. Artistic, psychedelic and watercolour-like graphics are featured on the accompanying DVD as high resolution bitmaps.

Tons of inspiration for graphics in fashion, interiors, gift-wrapping papers etc. Pattern sizes vary, most are approximately 40cm X 60cm in size.

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his book develops designs in the geometric world with a particular imprint called "grunge" in opposition to a synthetic, iconographic, linear vision. 

Expanding the initial concept of "grunge" helps to find a common way of classifying a design within a larger family as opposed to the rational, minimalist and techno style prevailing in the world today. But it is a dual world that opposes rational to irrational, regular to irregular, geometric to abstract, linear-precise to "grunge".

Both styles are now functional to our need of representation and our way of being contemporary. 


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