Grunge Textures Vol. 2

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At the end of the Eighties a new word was coined to identify a musical genre which used distorted guitar sounds. This was "GRUNGE", a term intended to indicate something disorderly, casual or even ruined. In the world of fashion you will find "GRUNGE" too: Animal skins, unstructured surfaces, irregular stripes and spots. 

The development of the designs in the “grunge” style has become increasingly detailed and complex. First with floral designs, then with the geometric and finally with these designs that by smearing of colours, shades and different manual skills made it possible to give these drawings atmospheres and feelings less basic and essential as in the first volume of this series. 

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DVD with 360 modular patters as high resolution bitmap files. For the ease of use on a computer, the files are also available as low-res images for quick browsing without slowing down your computer.


  • Large variety of design ideas
  • Inspiring attractive all-over print motifs 

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