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Pantone View Colour Planner

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Cross-industry forecast from the experts at Pantone Color Institute and View Publications. This product speaks the language of colour, embracing everything from fashion to interiors, cosmetics to industrial design. 

Colours by trend themes with pointers on applicable areas. General colour chart with more than 50 colours. Original PANTONE FHI cotton samples of each colour to make your colour work easy.

The forecast includes digital copies of the photos from the book on a USB stick, the themes as pdf files and an inspirational video of the season. Copyright restrictions apply, so the digital material is available for internal presentations but not for direct use on products.

Delivery time 4-6 working days

For nearly 25 years and 49 seasons, Pantone View Colour Planner has proven results - in fact, it is one of the most popular colour forecasting tools in the market. 

This is what you get:

  • The key colours: We introduce each palette with four key colours, which form your merchandising base.
  • Key + supplementary colours: We add two to four supplementary colours to the key colours to develop, transform and individualise the core.
  • Harmony pages: Creating colour mixes and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the Pantone View Colour Planner.
  • Product pages: We show you how product ranges can now be coloured up.
  • Download of a complete catalogue of each and every visual image used throughout the colour trend report by story chapter and end-use, plus our renowned film about the season concerned.

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Approximately 100 pages
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USA / The Netherlands


We are in an “in between” moment, where colours are working on two different levels, the virtual and the real. In our palettes we are trying to find a new relationship between the two and as a result, there is a duality of colour.

This relationship between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ means colour is taking on new values and meanings which we never acknowledged before. Because technology is allowing us to experience a virtual universe, there is a definite, scientific influence suffusing colour right now. For example, pastels have mutated from sweet flower stories in the past to perform as molecules and elements that help colour stories in two ways simultaneously – the more familiar, natural way that reflects the world we know but also a clean chemical way that reflects the new worlds we are dreaming about. 


Colours that invite the tactile and sensitive to prevail as an intangible value. The grey tones are directly linked to construction and structure, while the metals confer character and sophistication.


There is a purposeful attitude to this colour family. It goes hand in hand with functional product and should be employed in materials that are forward facing, ground-breaking and life enhancing.


A new liquid reality in which borders and perceptions are distorted. A colour gamut that crosses physical laws to recreate limitless experience in a range of almost monochromatic hues.


This pulsing collection of colours entices curious netizens into a fluid, digital environment, where they can explore and create. A group of piquant reds and corals reflects the intense stimulation of the metaverse, where there is no control, only experimentation.


This palette is about exploring different personas, relinquishing boundaries, embracing gender inclusivity, all with a magical edge. It is extravagant, flamboyant, creative and free – a dreamy space where art and free expression reign.


Delicate pastel hues are removed from their traditional home of leaf and flower, and are pulled down into more rugged territory. Red iron oxide and orange sandstone fade into mineral pinks, forming a family of colour influenced by rock and stone.


This haphazard collection of brights, without any single dominant hue, creates a fun and emotive mood to be used in spontaneous expressive ways. There are no rules; dream away because anything is possible!


A dreamy dark vision steps forward like an evolution of eco-awareness with four key colours representing new horizons waiting to be discovered, mixing the images of land, sea and sky.

PANTONE VIEW COLOUR PLANNER #49 Autumn / Winter 2023-24: WOW!

It feels as if colour is pulling in several directions at once: from the chaotic, to the ultra-calm, to somewhere in the middle. This provides us with three areas in which to explore colour for AW23/24. In the first area, we have colours that celebrate newfound freedoms. This is extreme colour where we see hues clashing and mixing in new ways: hot and cold, the sweet with the sour. Established brights journey into new frontiers, taking on sharp and citric qualities.

The second area brings together colours that comfort and provide a calm space, where we connect with nature from the ground up, through shades of fungi, moss, and rock. There is a raw edge to this family. Gone are the sophisticated camel and neutral shades from previous seasons. Now we see a less polished, more earthy family coming through.

The third area is the space in between. This is a place of flux and hybridisation where calm meets chaos and hues flow from one area to the next. It is an amorphous range and is important because it balances tension caused by our very polarised palette, providing cohesion between the old and the new.


The portal to wild and free expression has opened and we are embracing the idea of spiralling out of control. Surrealism emerges through experimentation with colour, texture, and movement; Colours are ultra-charged.


A graduated set of four compelling blues. A research project has found “consistent evidence that spending time near ‘blue spaces’ seems to be good for well-being”, including helping with “anxiety and low mood”.


A fantastic colour range that carries us to the deepness of a gloomy and reactive world. Intense lights, dense and misty at the same time, full of magical energies hold inside them seeds of other colour realms.


Biotechnology, geology, and soil science converge to deliver new materials and textures. Colours are earthy and vegetal: loam brown, gill pink and shale grey blend with kelp to extol the virtues of nature.


This story speaks of the earth, of rocks and of the moss that clings to it. This is as much a story about material as it is about colour. We draw colour from the earth and shape it into something new.


In this range, the softness of colour suggests a soulful, sensitive attitude, while the accent tones bring a disruptive ingredient to create a smoochy atmosphere of alternative baroque.


We seek new experiences, new worlds, new landscapes for adventure and the unexpected. Mixed reality technology makes a melting pot of the virtual and the real. This is a palette that blurs boundaries and welcomes textural contrast.