9.-10-9.2019 ID Helsinki: OvN Trend Presentations - Free Entry

At ID Helsinki you will have the opportunity to attend 2 presentations by the trend forecasting agency Oltmans van Niekerk (OvN): First one explores the changes in consumer behaviour and macro trends, the second one focuses on colour and material trends. 

ID Helsinki is an informative, effective and inspirational trade show about public spaces, offices and workspaces. See the full program for the event here (opens in a new window). Entry is free, but registration is required.

9.9.2019 / Time 13:00 / VISION 2021- FUTURE PROOFING

The Future-proofing presentation zooms in from macro trends to strategy, new product development, materials and colours.

During her presentation, Els van Niekerk of trend forecast agency Oltmans van Niekerk will show the four most important drivers for change towards 2021. 

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future, analysing the risks and developing solutions. For Vision 2021 Oltmans van Niekerk has examined the zeitgeist of today and tomorrow, what values are important now and in the coming decade?

10.9.2019 / Time 9:30 / COLOUR FLOW 2021- STATE SHIFTS

During her presentation, Liesbeth Oltmans of trend forecast agency Oltmans van Niekerk will explain developments in colours and materials heading towards 2021.

Colour plays a vital role in the world in which we live, it is everywhere we look and is present in every aspect of our lives. Our choice of colours and how they fit into our lives touches the essence of how we live and the kind of lives we wish to cultivate. 

Liesbeth Oltmans will show that there are many more dimensions to colours and materials. The world of colour plays an important role in new product development. Not in the sense of trend colours that come and go, but as a valuable addition to the material and shape that creates the design.

11.-15.9.2019 HABITARE

Urban View has together with Around Journal designed the theme for Habitare 2019, Finland’s largest furniture, design and decoration event.

Mindspaces theme moves between the material and the intangible, as well as the real and the imaginary.

“Metaphorically, the mind can be thought of as a house with different rooms. The rooms represent human emotions and needs. Home is a state of mind, that is to say, home is where the heart is. Physical spaces are becoming more important as reinforcers of various states of mind”, say the designers of the theme, the trend expert Antti Rimminen from Urban View and the culture and fashion reporter Mia Dillemuth.

Habitare 2019: Mielen Tiloja

Theme illustrations: Patrik Svensson.

Find out more about Habitare 2019 theme: https://habitare.messukeskus.com/theme/?lang=en

13.9.2019 klo 13 &  14.9.2019 klo 16. Luennot Habitaren Arena-lavalla: TRENDIT JA ILMIÖT MINDSPACES - MIELEN TILOJA -TEEMAN TAUSTALLA. 

Antti Rimminen, Trendiasiantuntija, Urban View ja Mia Dillemuth, tuottaja ja kulttuuritoimittaja, tarkastelevat puheenvuorossaan trendejä ja ilmiöitä Habitaren 2019 Mindspaces - Mielen tiloja -teeman taustalla. Lisäksi avataan teeman suunnitteluprosessia.



Urban View and Omuus team up for a 2-hour event that includes a presentation and a workshop. This event is suitable for all types of industries; if you are interested in the opportunities that applied colour psychology can offer your business, this event is for you! Find out more and book your tickets here.



Urban View and Omuus team up for a 2-hour event that includes a presentation and a workshop. In this talk we will talk about the positive shift from industrial age to the ecological age, how the knowledge and processes is used in the world today. We will explore how nature have shaped and perfected processes and structures for many millions of years and what we can learn from that. Find out more and book your tickets here.