MIX - subscription

Unfortunately we cannot take new subscriptions for this title, the publisher is in the process of renewing the product offer. More information follows hopefully very soon.

Since its inception in 2004, Mix magazine has carved a successful niche as one of the only design publications focusing on colour, design and material trend forecasting.

Mix Magazine is a unique publication which will help guide you through not just the new trends but also help readers understand the trend gathering process, focusing on key industry and social drivers, plus a look at the way these trends will be disseminated into the mass market by early adopters.


Highlights of the magazine:

Social Trends: Inspiration behind the trends split into key areas; geo-political, philosophical, cultural and also looking at colour theory.

Industry Drivers: In depth focus on the technological, material and business developments that drive and shape trends.

Mix trends forecast: An in depth look at future trends 2 years ahead of season that will influence colour, materials and design.

Colour Now: Analysis of the early adopters of Mix trend stories for the previous season, looking a year in advance.

Exhibitions: A round up of industry exhibitions with an emphasis on events and highlights plus the schedule for the year ahead.

Insight: Exhibition reviews, industry interviews, material analysis, industry and technology updates and business profiles.


Data sheet

Number of pages
Each issue about 130-140 pages
Issues per year
Publication schedule by month