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Seasonal concept book incorporating lifestyle, interiors, colour, food, packaging, products, prints and more.

With SCOUT’s extensive experience in global trend forecasting, their aim has always been to inspire and motivate. Now - perhaps more than ever, we need a clear direction and meaningful design solutions in a complex new world that has been turned upside down. The oldway is the wrong way.

COLOUR + CONCEPT book is now combined with online access! The forecast is published in 2 parts, within a few weeks from each other. The full service is now out, so if you place an order, all information is available immediately.

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The SCOUT team have created a service to inspire and assist you in the design, product development, buying and retail processes. With an even sharper focus on colour, fabric and materials, sustainability and innovation will become THE driving force in decision making and planning. As the shift in consumer behaviour moves from fast to slow and less is more, we will choose more carefully and responsibly.

Available as a fully digital product or a combination of print and digital. The COLOUR+CONCEPT hard-copy comes with fabric swatches for all trends and a full set of all the colours for the season with references to Pantone FHI system. The book also includes a download link to a PDF copy and all the individual image files for internal mood-board and presentation use. This is also available as a 100% digital service - price is updated according to your choice.

LIFESTYLE + MERCHANDISING takes you deeper into the themes providing visual inspiration and ideas for future collections and product drops. 

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