Heimtextil Trends 2020-21: Where I Belong

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As the year’s first trade fair for the sector, the Heimtextil presents not only the latest products and concepts for interior design with textiles but also the trends for the coming season.

The Trend Book for the January 2020 event is available already now. The 2020-21 book contains detailed descriptions of the various trends and is supplemented by a valuable collection of material images and colours. During the fair, the Trend Presentation reveals ways in which the current trends could be implemented in practice – with elaborate trend worlds and a high-grade programme of lectures. 

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Trends 2020-21: WHERE I BELONG

What are the Heimtextil Trends for the 20/21 season like? The Trend Book WHERE I BELONG tells of the consumers' demand for diversity and individuality but also their seeking for connection and belonging.

WHERE I BELONG translates these diverse socio-cultural tendencies into industry-relevant topics for the future and delivers the latest colour, design and material trends.

Extensive visual material and composed colour palettes, including exact colour values, allow you to apply the trends specifically to your own collection.

The Heimtextil Trends book aims to inspire but also inform, so that you can create long term ideas in line with future consumer behaviour and design, material and colour trends.

All colour palettes include PANTONE, RAL and NCS reference numbers. 


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Heimtextil 2020 – WHERE I BELONG

Take in the Heimtextil 2020/21 trends!

“Maximum Glam” turns the glamorous life tech-savvy, “Pure Spiritual” finds balance in nature and mysticism, “Active Urban” values utilitarian, adaptable solutions, whereas “Heritage Lux” celebrates rich historical legacies and “Multi-Local” embraces global cultural influences.