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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the new VIEW – forecasting with ethical product solution by experts from across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others.

Change was always on the way, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this. We are looking at a new landscape with new ways of doing things and the VIEW team is ready to adapt and meet these latest demands.

VIEW products are regarded as ‘Bibles of the Textile Industry’. Indeed, they have always prided themselves on their analytical and forecasting abilities hoping to inspire people working in the textile, fashion and lifestyle industry. 

VIEW is available in both print and digital. Please note, that the digital issue requires an internet connection, it does not work offline.

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Stepping forward, VIEW team have decided to break down old fashion walls and product segmentation by combining the casual and athleisure content base of View2 with the modern-classic content for which Textile View Magazine is so famous. In the newly styled VIEW, we will be looking at ways to action and deliver ideas in a genderless, seasonless and trans-generational manner – all connected to the latest developments in responsible and sustainable manufacturing!

Welcome to a new VIEW MAGAZINE

Forecasting with ethical product solutions by experts across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others! Larger format to give you the right professional experience. 

Publisher David R Shah and the team decided to create a modern colour-material-trend-magazine where fashion forecasting takes a broader grip. The pandemic has changed many perspectives, VIEW is here to guide you further into a modern future of fashion and design. Enjoy!


Now that we are looking more positively on life after Covid, the big questions in the textile industry are, firstly, whether consumers will ever prioritise fashion in the way they did before coronavirus, and, secondly, what kind of clothes they are going to buy – if and when they do?

01. Essentials

It’s everybody’s favourite guessing game: what will happen next when the Covid crisis ends? Who will be spending? When will they be spending? Where will they be spending? And, above all, what will they be buying?

02. Contemporary Preview Autumn/Winter 22/23

Designers are being proactive and responsive. Some are speaking out for those who have been forgotten or downtrodden; some are placing their beliefs in a quiet and gentle approach that leads by kindness and integrity; others are angrily fighting and using the fashion platform to raise the tempo; a new swathe is deeply concerned with gender politics and inclusivity; and more and more key people are embracing vital eco issues.

03. Casual & Athleisure Preview Autumn/Winter 22/23

The season draws on a rekindled gratitude for nature, localism, and community. Optimism and joyfulness are a key focus, revitalised through futuristic visions that serve communities, eco-systems, and inner wellbeing. Lasting consumer anxieties are soothed through ideas that focus on comfort, protection, and the romanticism of escapism, whether in nature, or online. 

Casual, athleisure and denim preview – rekindled gratitude for nature, localism and community 

04. Forward Matter

A problem solving, creative thinking tribe is emerging from the old world. New ideas, new methods, new projects and new collaborations are flourishing, as if the pandemic had accelerated the challenges we are facing and the will to find alternative, interdisciplinary solutions.

Creating change – rewriting our lives


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