PANTONE Nylon Brights Set

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These electric hues add color vibrancy and a brilliant pop to your designs!

A collection of nylon swatches featuring the 21 most important shocking fluorescent shades provides designers developing products in various materials with an internationally recognized standard for accurate color selection, specification and reproduction. Set of 3 x 11 cm loose format nylon swatches are conveniently packaged on a single ring for easy removability and generously sized to provide greater visualization.  

These bold bright colors have been especially selected for apparel use in the swimwear, outerwear, activewear, workwear and safety industries.

Delivery time 4-7 working days

Hot nylon shades are ideal on their own or can be mixed together to create more intense color schemes. Each nylon brights swatch ring set includes a UV pouch to protect the colors while not in use. 

Includes Color Manager software download enabling digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries (if you need technical support for this software please contact Pantone's customer service).

Of these 21 super bright colors, 14 contain flavine or rhodamine acid dyestuff; this qualifies them as “true” fluorescents in that they absorb invisible ultraviolet light and emit it as visible light, increasing the color’s perceived brightness. However, colors containing fluorescent dyes are, by nature, less resistant to the degrading effects of light and water. There are treatments that can be added to increase color fastness and durability. 


Every PANTONE nylon brights dye lot is evaluated against a master digital standard and must pass both digital and visual evaluation. All colors are dyed in Nylon 6.6, a much improved fiber for light fastness and wash fastness over Nylon 6. 

The codes and names for colours are:

  • 12-0645 TN, Lemon Tonic
  • 13-0630 TN, Safety Yellow
  • 13-1145 TN, Orange Pop
  • 15-1460 TN, Orange Clown Fish
  • 15-1360 TN, Shocking Orange
  • 15-4556 TN, Fiery Coral
  • 16-1650 TN, Diva Pink
  • 18-1757 TN, Sparkling Cosmo
  • 13-2120 TN, Cotton Candy
  • 16-2130 TN, Knockout Pink
  • 16-2125 TN, Sugar Plum
  • 17-2435 TN, Pink Glo
  • 18-3250 TN, Purple Cactus Flower
  • 18-3640 TN, Electric Purple
  • 16-3828 TN, Purple Hebe
  • 18-3940 TN, Simply Purple
  • 18-4245 TN, Electric Blue Lemonade
  • 17-4436 TN, Atomic Blue
  • 14-4530 TN, Bluefish
  • 16-6230 TN, Andean Toucan
  • 13-0340 TN, Green Gecko 

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