PANTONE Cotton Chip Set

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Cotton Chip Set is an essential palette development tool for textile, fashion, home, and interior designers.

A two-volume reference of the 2,310 Fashion, Home, and Interior System market-driven colors, Cotton Chip Set features removable tabs that allow you to lay colors side by side for palette selection, presentations, and color communication. 

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Data sheet

Number of colors
2310 colors
Size of color samples
2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Pantone Cotton Chip Set Overview

Enter the world of limitless design possibilities with the new PANTONE Cotton Chip Set, a desktop color reference that puts all TCX colors of the PANTONE Fashion Home + Interiors color system at your fingertips.

Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors Cotton vs Paper Overview

Pantone offers two distinct systems for Fashion + Home. There is  Cotton system and a Paper system. Learn which option is right for you. 

Making Color Connect

Take a peek behind the scenes at Pantone to see why we're so passionate about color.

Pantone in the Fashion and Textile Design Workflow

See how Pantone's physical and digital tools can help you get the right color – and get the color right.

What do the suffixes TPG, TPX, TCX in the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors -color system mean?

TPG/TPX and TCX - suffix simply tells you whether it is a color produced on paper or cotton. 

  • TPG = TEXTILE PAPER GREEN (launched in 2015)
  • TPX = TEXTILE PAPER, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2003, no longer in production)

Is there a difference in the Pantone textile system colors between the codes TP and TPG/TPX?

Yes, there are differences between the colour systems. The letter G (=GREEN) at the end tells it is a colour from the latest system, updated in 2015. The new TPG suffix indicates more eco-friendly formulations.

The letter X at the end tells it is a colour from the EXTENDED RANGE system, updated in 2003 and no longer valid or in production.

If you are still using the TP or TPX system, you should update to TPG.