PANTONE Cotton Swatch Library

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The ultimate product & palette development tool for designing in fabric, Cotton Swatch Library is a seven-volume set presenting all 2310 Fashion, Home, & Interiors market-driven colors as 5cm x 5cm removable swatches. The only reference featuring cotton fabric in a double layered and un-backed format, the Swatch Library houses the largest and truest representation of each Pantone color.

Seven-volume, three-ring binder office set. Colors arranged in chromatic format, with index in the back providing numeric location for each color.

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Data sheet

Number of colors
2310 colors
Size of color samples
5 cm x 5 cm

Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton vs Paper Overview

Pantone offers two distinct systems for Fashion + Home. There is Cotton system and a Paper system. Learn which option is right for you.

Pantone Cotton Swatch Library Overview

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What do the suffixes TPG, TPX, TCX in the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors -color system mean?

TPG/TPX and TCX - suffix simply tells you whether it is a color produced on paper or cotton. 

  • TPG = TEXTILE PAPER GREEN (launched in 2015)
  • TPX = TEXTILE PAPER, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2003, no longer in production)