PANTONE Cotton TCX Swatch Card

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The individual unbacked loose fabric swatches available for all 2625 TCX (Pantone Cotton) colors provide a precise way to select, specify, control and communicate your color choices.

Advantages at first glance: - Double folded fabric measures 10 x 11cm. Unfolded swatch measures 10 x 22cm. - Each color card has been approved under D65 lighting, 70F/21C and 50% relative humidity. - Each color is supplied in an UV-blocking package (avoids fading due to light exposure).

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Shipping cost € 18,00 (UPS/DHL Standard) per order, delivery times vary on current stock - normal shipping time is 1-3 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Before sending your order please check that all the color codes are correct. The warehouse will process your order asap and if the order includes color numbers that do not exist, they will be ignored. You will then have to place a new order for the corrected order and another shipping charge will be applied. 

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11 cm
10 cm
Number of colors
2625 colors

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