PANTONE FHI Metallic Shimmers Color Specifier

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The Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors System introduces 200 NEW shades in our Metallics Shimmers Color Specifier book. This collection of lustrous metallic colors was carefully selected to provide a broad range of shimmering metallic finishes that designers, product developers, and manufacturers want. The metallic finish speaks luxury and brilliance while still showing off the true color. Use this versatile format with removable paper chips for mood boards, product sketches, or attaching color to design files.

Delivery time 4-7 working days

  • 200 NEW colors with pearlescent and metallic finishes
  • Single-volume, three-ring desktop binder
  • One full color per page, perforated 42-tear-away 20mm x 30mm paper chips
  • TPM (Textile Paper – Metallic) suffix indicates that it is a metallic color in the Fashion, Home + Interiors System.
  • Colors arranged by color family
  • Each color referenced by a corresponding name and number
  • Includes a Paper Chip Saver for loose chip organization and storage
  • Replacement Chip Pages sold separately
  • Ideal for product design, fashion accessories, footwear, hard home including housewares, personal care, interiors, color cosmetics, tech/consumer electronics, trim i.e. buttons, zippers, outerwear, and reference for fashion

Data sheet

Number of colors
Size of color samples
2,0 cm x 3,0 cm

Pantone Metallic Shimmers Colors for Coated Products

Add brilliance and drama to your designs with 200 Pantone Metallic Shimmers colors.

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