PANTONE Replacement Pages

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Replacement pages are available for all of the the PANTONE Chips books: Solid Chips coated / uncoated, Metallic Chips, Pastels & Neons coated / uncoated.

Perforated, removable paper chips on an individual page. Six tear-out chips per colour.

Orders by e-mail only:

Pages can be ordered by e-mail only: - please state the colour system, page numbers, quantity and delivery/invoice addresses.

Please note that minimum order is 5 pages - for orders less than five, a 10 euro + vat invoicing fee will be added. 

The page numbers for Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated apply to the 2019 series only. For older books and individual colors, please use Pantone Color Finder to determine the correct page to order.

UPS Standard -shipping costs of € 18,00 + VAT per order is added.

Delivery time varies on the current stock - usually 1-3 weeks.

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