PANTONE Essentials

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The Essentials Guide Set bundles six of Pantone’s top-selling graphics tools into an affordable, portable starter kit. Useful for both designers and design students at all stages of the workflow, from finding color inspiration and communicating color, to verifying color accuracy and translating spot colors to CMYK, HTML, or RGB.

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You'll get everything you need to select, specify and match solid and process colors. And if that wasn't enough, you'll also receive a stylish carrying case to protect your investment during trips to the client or on press runs.

Package includes:

  • PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Solid Coated
  • PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Solid Uncoated
  • PANTONE PLUS Color Bridge Coated
  • PANTONE PLUS Color Bridge Uncoated
  • PANTONE PLUS CMYK Coated (2021 Revised Version)
  • PANTONE PLUS CMYK Uncoated (2021 Revised Version)


Pantone in the Graphic Design Workflow

See how Pantone's physical and digital tools can help you get the right color – and get the color right.

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