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294 New Colors: PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Supplement

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This product is a supplement for PANTONE Formula Guide with 294 new colors added in 2019.

The best-selling guide in the world for design inspiration, color specification, and printing accuracy, Formula Guide illustrates 2161 Pantone spot colors with their corresponding ink formulations.

Use this guide for logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging, and when spot color printing is required. 

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This new PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE SUPPLEMENT is the updated version of the indispensable PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® tools for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors. This product includes 294 new colors added in 2019.

294 new colors: What does this mean?

• More market-demand, trend-relevant colors stemming from the FHI system, now for packaging and graphics
• Better multi-material matches across categories
• More creative inspiration, design, and communication opportunities
• More high-demand neutrals: blacks, grays, beiges and tans, blues, and olives
• More color nuances

Product features:

• 294 solid PANTONE Colors released in 2019
• Chromatically arranged format
• Text-weight
• Color locator index
• Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE number or name
• Colors bleed for ease and accuracy in checking colors
• Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation

All colors have been specially formulated to print using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press. Ink formulations are provided to aid printers in mixing colors. Includes color index, lighting evaluation tool and design software. Set of two guides, coated and uncoated.

Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (148 gsm for coated and 118 gsm for uncoated)

This product is eligible to receive a free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software upon product registration (if you need technical support for this software please contact Pantone's customer service). 


•    Broad selection of market-driven colors, for practically unlimited creativity
•    Chromatic format makes color selection more intuitive
•    Substrate paper stock matches popular print specifications and is environmentally sensitive
•    Compatible with today’s digital workflows – colors easily updated in leading design applications
•    All new colors are printed using a uniform ink film thickness making them easily matched on press
•    Eliminates guesswork in color selection and verification
•    Easy to communicate colors by distinct number or name
•    Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each color
•    Included lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate color selection and matching
•    Included color-correction tool enables easy color balancing and creative control of digital images
•    System supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licensees

If you are looking for the closest CMYK values to Pantone spot colors, check out Pantone Plus Color Bridge. 

Pantone Update Graphics Guides 2010-2016


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