RAL D3 Colour Toolbook - 1825 Removable Colour Chips

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Removable colour chips in all 1,825 colour shades. Perfect for developing collages and colour communication. The book presents each hue on a double page and arranges them according to lightness and saturation. In addition, each hue has three colour chips to easily develop creative colour collections.

The foundation of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM PLUS is the the CIELab color space, which is internationally used since 1976 and in which the colors are arranged according to hue (H), lightness (L) and chroma (C).

Delivery time 6-12 working days.

  • Slipcase with two ring binders
  • Format ring binder 38.2 x 45.0 cm
  • Format slipcase 46.5 x 39.5 cm
  • Content pages printed in 4-colours
  • Colour chips in 4.0 x 3.5 cm format
  • 3 removable chips per colour shade
  • Colour chips printed on the rear with colour code and auxiliary designation in DE/EN
  • Ring binder + slipcase covered with high quality, embossed glossy film
  • With register to find specific colour shades quickly
  • Gloss level of colour chips semi matt


We have redefined the RAL colour system and the RAL colour sample systems. And precisely designed to meet the requirements of craftsmen, architects, designers and producers. So that you can determine and clearly define the optimum colour more quickly and easily in any work situation.

A clear, international understanding of colours supports the new multilingualism in German, English, French, Russian and Chinese. The expanded colour spectrum with 200 new shades and associative colour designations increases its creative potential.

RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus - the plus in design freedom. When fantasy becomes colour, you can rely on RAL.

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