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Next Trend SS 2021 Seminars

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NEXT TREND seminar brings together presentations from trend forecasting agencies around the world: View Publications, ESP Trendlab Mintmoda, A+A Creative Emotion and d.Cipher. 

The tickets to Stockholm seminar 4th December 2019 are available from Urban View at a special discount (60 eur off regular price)!

Presentations are in English. Registration is binding, however you are able to change name and send a colleague. Limited number of seats.

Tickets available

NEXT TREND STRATEGY  | fashion | accessories | interior | design | communication |

When we form the new decade, the next step in evolution will turn to human basic needs, psychologically sound and feeling safe is core. Awareness of global change will increase the need for love and belonging. Only when those are in balance, the self-esteem will grow and self-actualization achieved. Those are the Maslow's basic laws of human needs. Only when in balance we are content, there are some holes in the pyramid, that needs repairing. Finding meaning in oneself, society and in life, sharpening our senses to rediscover design, sight and touch are key to bridge expected attraction and meaning. How to build meaning into products, retail and brands is key to attract the 2020's consumers longterm. On stage, exclusively produced inspirational films, conceptual stories, colours and design ideas that will help you prepare the new consumer landscape of spring/summer 2021.



ESP Trendlab presents Sharon Graubard, MINTMODA, New York

We are so excited to welcome Sharon Graubard back to Scandinavia. Fashion specialist and curator with a great sense of spotting fashion from their origine in design history, explaining how they make sense and visualise them through the catwalks and streewear to todays consumer. Based in fashion forecasting, the moods, colours and styles comes to play in the presentation.


Christine Foden Macleary, D.cipherfm, London

Re.-Purposeful is the drive of the seson, Reflecting our changing world, balancing science and nature. Clinical mixes with function, decay and organic beauty, Colour play in fresh new constellations, where texture play an important role, Colours may be bold and fun, inspired by food or part of detoxification. Confusing? Christine Foden will clear your vision with her excellent way of building colour wats and stories to wrap up why.


David R Shah, View Publications, Amsterdam

DESIGN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. The man with a view on life, strategies, fashion, sports, design, production, retail and above all consumer behaviour. We have had the opportunity to welcome David since early 2000s and he never leaves stage without leaving a strong impact on his audience. What the future will carry? Journalist and designer, skills that comes handy when you want to target the Scandinavian market he knows so well.

Christine Foden Macleary

Alberto Costabello, A+A Creative Emotion, Milan

Welcoming back our menswear specialist from Milan; Alberto Costabello designer, teacher  at Instituto Marangoni Milan, forecaster, with great interest in menwear, sportswear and storytelling with a behavioural link to shifts in society. Alberto will take us on a menswear journey, from gentlemen to sportsmen, snob to denim lover. Colour, trends and graphic impression makes complete sense.

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