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We are back in co-operation with our colleagues ColourHouse, who will be in the TV-studio broadcasting live with an exciting setup of speakers! It is a pleasure to curate this seasonal event, creating an experience you can enjoy no matter whether you are working remotely at home or back at the office by the time we broadcast.

New times creates new opportunities, this seminar is dedicated the future of consumer goods: fashion - sports - interior - industrial design.


8.12.2020 13:30-18 (EET, Finland time)

19.1.2021 / 13:30-18 (EET, Finland time)

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focus fashion | accessories | sports | interior| product design| beauty| macro trends| communication

Welcome back to NEXT TREND Studio, in our 2nd season with live broadcast from a TV-studio on three occasions, the same seminar with access to all dates if you wish. In times of COVID-19, the need for adapted professional forecasting analysis is needed more than ever.

We are thrilled to continue to offer the new format, broadcasting from Next Trend Studio Spring-Summer 22 season. Next Trend seminar with 4 highly professional international independent forecasters on stage. Four points of view, exclusively produced presentations including inspirational films, conceptual stories, colours and design ideas that will help you prepare the new consumer landscape of Spring-Summer 2022.

We welcome DAVID R SHAH (NL), TONY BANNISTER (AU/GB), SHARON GRAUBARD (US) and AMBRE VENISSAC (FR) to a super fruitful 1/2 day broadcast event dedicated designers, product managers, range planners, buyers, consumer insight researchers, retail managers, communicators and all of you with a futuristic mindset!


David R Shah, View Publications, Amsterdam

Perhaps one of the best interpreters of what the future will be like, David R Shah has been inspiring us on stage at ColourHouse events for over 20 years. He is a keynote speaker at events all over the world, as his unique skill of reading the signs of the time and envisioning what they mean to consumer goods businesses is helping companies and brands across industries. 

After multiple pandemic speeches, David R Shah wants to take us beyond to imagine what the future will be like 2022 onwards. 

View Publications: WINNERS & LOSERS

" What separates the winners from the losers is how each person reacts to each new twist of fate" - Donald Trump.  

The pandemic has caused havoc to the world's economies and social systems. But its long term impact will be even more far-reaching. Who will be the winners and losers as Covid-19 imposes a new economic reality and we all have to adapt? We try to answer the big questions covering:

Who will lead the world after the pandemic... Thinking equality in a very unequal world... Making a stand... What will the new downtown look like in a de-urbanised future...  Simplifying the complex... Reframing relationships... Reframing time... The new support networks... Safeguarding in style... The hygiene economy... New power plays... How digital do we really want our lives to be... And will consumer priorities really change?

Tony Bannister, SCOUT, Sydney / London

Scout's creative director and founder Tony Bannister is back to present the new season. He will take us through several trend stories that will explain the shift in consumer behaviour and visualise in colours, materials and style. Covering Mens/Womens/Casual/Kids and Interior lifestyle, with clarity on colour, product and style much appreciated by the Scandinavian brands and retailers.


Post pandemic, we are all in need of a bit of therapy. Nurturing, inspiring, enlightening, guiding and pampering in mind body and soul. Scout's colour and lifestyle design therapy will shed new light and focus on a world that has been turned upside down and inside out. We need clarity and a fresh approach to a life/work balance. From fast to slow and a 'less is more' therapy, creativity, science and technology will influence everything we do. From travel to service, eating and sleeping, luxury to simplicity. Scout looks forward to sharing their insights on how colour can change and enhance our moods and senses. Focus on lifestyle, interiors, fashion incl youth and kids + include Key Silhouettes. 

Sharon Graubard, Mintmoda, New York City

Sharon Graubard, the catwalk, style and concept specialist will be giving a focused presentation on womenswear with a touch of menswear too.


Spring 22 augers a rebirth of positivity and optimism. A "fewer but better" ethic informs soft but sturdy basics, while a commitment to nature is underscored in earth-friendly vegetal dyes. We dare to dream of a kinder, gentler world, expressed in hyper-romantic country-manor looks. Futurism meets ancient civilization with stretchy bodywear and sheer drapery, while intense brights and painterly messages are meant to be seen and heard. 

Ambre Vernissac, Carlin, Paris

For the first time at the Next Trend event, we welcome Ambre Venissac, Project Manager from Carlin Creative Trend Bureau.


Emerging human needs to focus in response to the disruptive start of the decade. Please join our translation of new behaviours and their visual expression in the Tech Frugals in Life-saving engineering Sanctuaries, the Symbiont's in natural real virtual fusions in Gaia, the Ar/ctivists rebuilding our imaginations in Happening. Trends expressed in colour, behaviour & style with sustainable, innovative and key aesthetic codes for fashion and design. Carlin creative bureau, founded in 1947, takes us into the future on solid grounds.


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SCHEDULE (Finnish time EET, GMT +2):

13.30 Welcome to Next Trend Studio live broadcast with host Louise Klarsten

13.35 Ambre Venissac, CARLIN Creative, Paris

14.10 Tony Bannister, SCOUT, Sydney/London

15.00 - Mini-break where we demo new colour products from the Studio

15.10 Sharon Graubard, MINTMODA, New York

16.00 - Coffee break 25 min where we demo products and trend services from the Studio

16.25 David R Shah, VIEW PUBLICATIONS, Amsterdam

17.45 Next Trend Studio round up talks

17.00 The End

Note that it it possible to change the person holding the single ticket prior to the first event, but not after that - this is a personal access ticket.

IMPORTANT:The single is a 1 PERSON ACCESS TICKET valid for all dates for the same person and it may not be shared or viewed in teams. Any recording, photographing and distribution of these possible recordings is stricktly forbidden. In case of violation, ColourHouse / Urban View will invoice equivalent cost to Group access view price 3800 EUR instead. 

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