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Next Trend AW 2022-23 Online Seminar

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We are back in co-operation with our colleagues ColourHouse, who will be in the studio broadcasting with an exciting setup of speakers! We welcome all our clients and new participants to a fresh AW23-24 season of inspiration broadcasted by Next Trend Studio.

We have a great list of keynote speakers from our global forecasters joining us to explore the season and inspire you and your teams. Our 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion,  accessories, beauty, interior, industrial design industries. We still call it season autumn/winter 2023-24, preferences in colour & style are constantly emerging. Trends are the process we use to describe our times.

Last season we had over 1.400 guests from more than 10 countries joining us from the fashion interior automotive and design industries. Welcome to join our fourth broadcast season from the Next Trend Studio!





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We broadcast On-Demand (view at your convenience) on the above dates. The total program is ca 5,5 hours. The access tickets to Next Trend Studio broadcast for all 3 dates for your convenience and best planning, something our attendees in the past three seasons have appreciated. The in-house teams of production offices have been able to join, as well as in-house design teams working remotely. 

focus fashion | accessories | sports | interior| product design| beauty| macro trends| communication

Research > Analyze > Understand > Curate; The main aspects to consider when planning for future lifestyle movements across industries. 

Our 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion, accessories, beauty, interior and industrial design industries. 

While preferences in colour & style are constantly merging, we still call it season autumn/winter 23-24. Emerging trends are the process we use to describe our times.


We curate our Next Trend day in an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers, who give their different points of view on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs.

Terrie Isaac & Gwyneth Holland, Trendhub - BDA LONDON

Emotion and escapism are driving consumer decision making more than ever, be it for greater balance and restoration, or for adrenaline inducing distractions and entertainment. We’ll explore what this means, and how it translates, across menswear, womenswear, kids and active, from colour and print to key looks and product capsules.

David R Shah, VIEW Publications 


This season David will discuss World Economy and what it means to business: "The economy, stupid” is a phrase that was coined by James Carville in 1992, when he was a strategist in Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent George H. W. Bush. It’s as relevant now as it was 30 years ago. 

We can talk about any trends and colours all we like, but what matters now is money in the pocket. For the last ten years it has been spend, spend, spend (many households were spending more than their income before the pandemic), now the brakes are on. Consumers have suffered the sharpest fall in the amount of cash they have available to spend for almost eight years, amid a worsening cost of living crisis. And we are not just talking High Street here! The party may soon be over for the luxury market. For years, top-end brands have been raising their prices, simply because they could, but as raw materials get more expensive, and real inflation continues to rise, sophisticated shoppers may begin to look elsewhere. David Shah looks at the strategies and options open to manufacturers and retailers as they seek to navigate their way through this perfect storm.

Christine Foden, D.CHIPHER FM

dcipher.fm Christine Foden

For this season we could say we are exploring different planes of the self, perhaps inspired by the constant talk about the “metaverse” and our presence in it - or simply, we dive into different lifestyles to explore in order to improve ourselves at this stage in time, an analog and digital crossroad that fuses into one singular path.

Christine Foden is a colourist building unique stories for fashion and lifestyle brands, with the characteristic witty style and tints of British humour.

Adrian Verin, INMOUV

Adrian Verin Inmouv

This season the codes of sport are propelled into new perspectives of extending use and hybridization of activities. While the city sees itself as a micro-adventure playground through commuter and gorpcore trends, the tracksuit is omnipresent from workleisure to athflow passing by tracksuit omniprescence in training ranges of outdoor brands and outleisure turns out as an essential new way of life for the everyday adventurer. Crosshybridizations have never been so present! A godsend for new products will be found in these less technical and more versatile ranges, but this is also a real boost when it comes to design inspired by parallel sporting universes. Beyond aesthetics, this merging of influences accompanies the transitions of activities linked to climatic and economic issues for some, and in particular for skiing and mountain activities. Inmouv's unique perspective has everything covered to make your research, products and brand the best it can be.

MACRO, CULTURE AND PRODUCT TRENDS - Hallie Spradlin, Michael Fisher, Lilly Berelovich, FASHION SNOOPS

Fashion Snoops

With our eyes opened, we move towards a more human-centered age. We realize that we do not have all of the answers and cannot just compute away our problems. Technology and our current systems can only get us so far; the next stage of innovation requires us to reconnect with those aspects that make us uniquely human: instinct, emotion, creativity, and curiosity. 


Meet Nicole Yee, the Kids Director at Fashion Snoops, in this presentation on Kids' Lifestyles and trends. You will love this presentation, no matter which product groups you are involved with. So happy to finally have special Kids sections at Next Trend Broadcast.


Gwyneth Holland and Terrie Isaac on the special Kids section, where trends are thoughtful and curated from a junior perspective. Lifestyle trends are interpreted with a young mindset. Perhaps time we listen to the young and wise consumers.


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Due to limited amount of seats the bookings are binding. In case you are unable to attend, the ticket can be transferred to another person but no refunds are made once ticket has been invoiced.