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Next Trend AW 2024-25 Seminars

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We are back in co-operation with our colleagues ColourHouse, who will be in the studio broadcasting with an exciting setup of speakers and also a possibility to join a live event in Copenhagen or Gothenburg. We welcome all our clients and new participants to a fresh AW 2024-25 season full of inspiration broadcasted by Next Trend Studio.

The  keynote speakers from global forecasters are joining us to explore the season and inspire you and your teams: OvN (NL), Trendhub BDA London (UK) and d.Cipherfm (UK).

The 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion, accessories, beauty, interior, industrial design industries. 

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ONLINE DATES (the ticket allows you to watch on-demand from midnight to midnight on each of these dates but please note that the ticket is strictly personal): 




Alternatively, you can choose to participate in the LIVE events in Copenhagen and Gothenburg:

Copenhagen 15.5.2023 - TIME: 12:30 - 17:00, LOCATION: Skt Petri Hotel, Krystalgade 22, København

Gothenburg 16.5.2023 - TIME: 12:30 - 17:00, LOCATION: Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn 36-38, Göteborg

NEXT TREND STUDIO tuo yhteen trenditoimistot ja asiakkaat ympäri maailmaa tarkastelemaan syys-talvikauden 2024-25  suuntauksia. Kukin osallistuja tarvitsee oman lipun mutta jos organisaatiosi on suuri, on tarjolla myös jopa 100 osallistujaa kattava tiimilippu edulliseen hintaan - ota yhteyttä mikäli tämä vaihtoehto kiinnostaa.

Huomioithan, että henkilökohtaisen lipun voi ennen ensimmäistä tilaisuutta siirtää toiselle henkilölle, mutta tämän jälkeen se ei ole mahdollista. Tarkemmat säännöt peruutussäännöt-välilehdellä.

focus fashion | accessories | sports | interior| product design| beauty| macro trends| communication

Research > Analyze > Understand > Curate; The main aspects to consider when planning for future lifestyle movements across industries. 

Our 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion, accessories, beauty, interior and industrial design industries. 


We curate our Next Trend day in an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers, who give their different points of view on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs. 

TRENDHUB by BDA London: Gwyneth Holland & Terrie Isaac


Join the Trendhub team for insights into some of the key consumer and design directions for AW24/25. Our seasonal overview will explore how ideas of Resilience, Originality and Soft Living filter through to fashion and lifestyle, identifying the key commercial messages across colour, materials, print and pattern and style.

For Menswear, we explore a sense of wonder in Ambient Self, while elevated minimalism comes through in Womenswear theme Refined Minimalism. Kids theme Tech Tactility is creative and sensory, while Pleasurehood in Beauty has a late-night look. From our Youth book, we’ll highlight the rave spirit of Moments, and Active takes a softer approach to sustainability in Invisible.

Oltmans van Niekerk (OvN): Liesbeth Oltmans & Els van Niekerk


A New Paradigm for Life

A paradigm shift for life is unfolding, and 2025 is the start of the second phase of the decade towards 2030, the target year for sustainable development goals. 2025 is a reality check if we are on the right track. Many companies have set new goals with a scope of 2050 as the current paradigm change is steady, but positive change and progress go slow. Clear and optimistic communication from credible sources helps establish trust and connection. A positive and hopeful outlook, aided by a forward-thinking strategy free of past biases, is necessary for progress and the ability to question "Why not?" becomes crucial. There are four OvN Drivers of Change, that show how global developments are connected and how even taking control of our time and priorities is a challenge. There are opportunities for companies to make life more simple for humans and to give them back their time and agency.

Christine Foden, D.CHIPHER FM


Spirit of flow - We take on this season in the spirit of FLOW; moving through influences that transform reality from the known to the unknown, from local treasure hunting to meta-galactic space hopping while wearing AI-designed uniforms. Ancient philosophical wisdom encourages us to embrace the unplanned and impromptu - this is crucial, the current trend cycles are spinning faster than ever, mixing and flowing from one into another … instead of taming and compartmentalising them we must create multitasking stories that FLOW through time and become adaptable, and exciting. Preppy and modern ‘Deco’ influences flow through the seasons themes along with re-made concepts that we see explored in many diverse forms. Ultimately the same consumer is considered, mixing and matching pieces through the season.

Like an ARCADE full of choices, a map full of unknown villes and towns - the micro trends influenced by consumer choices and driven by their interests both online and offline inform the lifestyle stories presented. 1 in 2 feels gaming improves their mental health - which links to the current trends of “escapism” and a desire to find the planet’s more remote places as well as destinations of intrigue to follow a"path less travelled, an alternative, a contrast, comfort amidst unpredictability. What connects each story is a sense of discovery, pioneering, cultural connectivity, and an audacious spirit of adventure. Embracing rest and ease is a notion that has gotten lost in today’s"toxic productivity, pausing and contemplating, playing life living a life of enjoyment and comfort, while limiting stress, still seeking newness.