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Grunge Textures Vol. 1

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At the end of the Eighties a new word was coined to identify a musical genre which used distorted guitar sounds. This was "GRUNGE", a term intended to indicate something disorderly, casual or even ruined. In the world of fashion you will find "GRUNGE" too: Animal skins, unstructured surfaces, irregular stripes and spots.

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GRUNGE TEXTURES is a kind of archive and at the same time a trend book. It was born in the context of the MATRIX project where all the designs can be mixed with each other. The "GRUNGE" effect is everywhere and when applied gives the feeling of realness and laxness.

DVD with 160 designs, in 5 different file formats - usable in Illustrator or Photoshop for MAC + PC.


  • Large variety of design ideas
  • Inspiring and attractive all-over print motifs


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