Viewpoint Colour Futures No. 04

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VIEWPOINT COLOUR FUTURES keskittyy trendien visuaalisiin tulkintoihin muotoilun eri osa-alueille värien kautta.

Franklin Till -trenditoimiston ja View Publicationsin yhteisjulkaisu linkittyy vahvasti Viewpoint Design Futures -lehden ajatuksiin ja ne täydentävät toisiaan visuaalisena muotoilun ja värien infopakettina, jossa valotetaan kattavasti myös trendien taustat ja kuluttajakäyttäytymisen muutokset suuntausten taustalla.



Identity Parade: identity is one of the strongest creative inspirations across all fields – in particular fashion, which is perhaps one of the most experimental and rebellious of all. As identity becomes more fluid and hybridised, its influence becomes ever more potent.

Colour Forecast A/W 2019/20: this issue’s colour forecast embodies varying aspects of our ‘Identity’ theme: ‘Femininity Redefined’ drawing on a mood of fresh activism and resistance to female under-representation; ‘Street Wise’ where street style and luxury fashion collide to create an amalgamated aesthetic that straddles the divide between high and low culture; Multi-Local’ that embraces the inherent idea that identities are formed not by a single heritage; and ‘More is More’– a total rejection of convention and the status quo resulting in a design direction where anything goes.

Tying the Knot: the first of our visual essay features where the visualised thoughts that artist William Ukoh presents are a celebration of his own identity, both generational and cultural.

Colour May Vary: designers take a leap of faith, for, just as repurposing determines the new iterations of materials and products, it also influences their colour – sparking a different way of thinking about colour and incorporating it into design.

‘Bright Generation’: positioned between the duality of her Swiss and Guinean heritage, photographer Namsa Leuba’s work in our second visual essay envisions the representation of African identity through the Western imagination.

Colour Futures: ‘Other Worlds’ as emerging technologies break down the boundaries between digital and real, human and machine, alive and inert, we observe new worlds of our own creation.



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