PANTONE CMYK Coated & Uncoated Set

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The spot color alternative, the PANTONE CMYK COLOR GUIDE guides contain 2868 chromatically arranged CMYK color combinations on coated and uncoated stock.

These guides are an ideal way to visualize, communicate and control colors for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphics treatments. Screen tint percentages are provided to enable accurate color reproduction. Use this guide when printing in four-color process.

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  • Accurately select, specify and communicate color for four-color process printing
  • Two-guide set on coated and uncoated stock
  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights
  • Screen tint percentages are provided for four base inks
  • Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation

This product has been re-launched in 2010 and the various geographical versions of this title have now been merged into one global CMYK color guide. 

If you need a fan with Pantone Plus PMS colors with corresponding CMYK, RGB and HTML colors, the right product is PANTONE Color Bridge.


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