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On-trend collections of time-saving digital prints and graphics that can be modified and re-coloured.

PRINTS & MORE is a series of surface print designs and the result of years of creative research for artists, stylists and graphic designers.

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Select Collection: RETRO TROPICALI Spring / Summer
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One collection, for example "Magnetic": 600 eur, includes 150 modular repeat prints, all of which are PDF/EPS files that you can modify.



  • A splash of prints inspired by the captivating design elements of the 80s, vintage foulards where vibrant hues and patterns reign. Blown-up meadow-flowers Borders and engineered layouts. Step into into our lush Retro mood tropical world.

MAGNETIC (Autumn/Winter)

  • Focused on blown up renditions of florals and geometrical patterns. It’s about conscious maximalism of monochromatic and simplistic forms with irresistible allure. Decor Obsession with revisited multicultural motifs became high impact user-friendly hybrids.

ILLUSIVE (Autumn/Winter)

  • Out of focus florals, full impact animal skins and worn textures. An exploration of imagination feature this fall with bold scaling and colour to add interest. Digital experimentation with intense vibrant shades confer to basic animal prints an extraordinary look and magic.

Interested in this title and want to see more? Contact us and book your appointment to the Helsinki Showroom, we have a sample. We can also demo this service online via Teams, Meet, Zoom etc.

Prints & More TREND


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