Home & Interiors 2025 Macro Report by Trend Bible

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Find out what’s driving change in the Home & Interiors industry in 2025 and gain a deep understanding of the key shifts impacting the way future consumers will think, feel and act.

Transient Homemaking / Low Desire Living / Owning It / Rebellious Creativity.

2025: Reimagining Success

Our 2025 Home & Interiors Macro Report explores how a rise in impermanent living situations is impacting purchasing behaviours and reframing the ‘first time buyer’ narrative. It explores why inter-generational living will provide surprising benefits for families and renters and how householders are translating their individual needs and values into retrofit solutions. Expect to see brands building ranges that appeal to a post-trend customer who craves meaning and emotional connection to the items in their home.

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The Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2025 report is packed with expert opinion, global foresight and thought starters designed to help you and your teams uncover future thinking and kickstart tomorrow’s opportunities. 

What’s inside the macro trend report?

Digestible trend drivers: It’s critical to understand where householders and future consumer mindsets are likely to be. Our Trend Drivers provide the foundation for our four macro trends and provide evidence of what underpins change.

Micro trends: Each Trend Driver is explored in more depth and broken down into a series of micro stories providing you with the commercial confidence to support a new product initiative, go after a new demographic or develop a brand extension.

Thought starters: Practical and actionable thought starters designed to kick start and inspire innovation on how to interpret these trends for your brand.

Trend editor walk-through video: Watch on demand and get deeper insight behind the key Home & Interiors Macro Trends for 2025 in our Trend Editor walkthrough video.

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